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Top 5 Items for Housewarming Gift Ideas

April 16, 2016 0 Comments

What better way to show someone who moved just how much you care than by giving them a housewarming gift? Because changing location can be tough, they will appreciate the gesture and thoughts placed into it. But make sure the gift is usable as you do not want it sitting in the corner and collecting dust. Here are top 5 items that most people want.

Woven Baskets/Trays

For couples who love bread and desserts, a woven tray or basket is a great gift. They can place their pastries there and serve it any time of the day for the family or guest. Aside from that, this gift can also be used for storage purposes. They can also place flowers on it and use it as design for the table.

Bottle Opener

People think that they do not need one because they have plenty stocked in their house. However, when drinks need to be poured and guests are coming in, bottle openers seem to vanish mysteriously. Because you can never have enough of this, it would be a great gift for the neighbors.

Welcome Mat/Rug

These types of rugs are very charming and add appeal to the house. People who just moved in usually do not have new stocks of these so getting one from you will be greatly appreciated. You can also make one yourself if you have the time and want to put in effort.

Welcome Goodies

Want to keep it simple? Go for baked goodies or wine that the new neighbors will enjoy. This is favorable if you do not know what type of personality the receiver has and you want to stay safe.

Coffee Maker

For you best mate or friend, giving a coffee maker is on top of the list. Who doesn’t appreciate coffee anyway? Receiving a new one from you is like icing on the cake.

When it comes to housewarming gifts, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars just to show how much you care. Even simple things will go a long way, as long as it is usable and in line with the receiver’s hobbies.

Trends in Baby Shower Venue Decorations

December 14, 2015 0 Comments

Baby showers are cute and adorable parties. Miranda of Sex and the City found it horribly frightening that she should have one, whilst Charlotte is in a bunch planning it out for her good friend. Well here are a couple of ways not to horrify your dear friend with the trendiest decorating ideas for your baby shower venues.

Go  Robo

No worries about cutsie patootsie, robo decors are in trend for this year. By using silver and faux metal decors even extended to hats well your anti pacutsie expectant Mother will surely enjoy it. A great way to lead the guests to the food table is by making a sign of Bytes on top of the table. A funny and brilliant idea.

Velveteen Rabbit

Sweet and nice Velveteen Rabbit is in trend for the baby shower decors. This shabby chic inspired decoration has to have those beautiful velveteen rabbit toys conceptualized by Margery Williams and Illustrated by William Nicholson during the early 1900s.

Try Vintage

Simply vamp up your Baby shower décor with vintage art deco or art nouveau designs. Keep it authentic and style up the rooms with laces that are cut out from vintage clothes. Colors are also limitless since it is a explosion of colors where Vintage is concerned.


The possibilities are endless with a hay barn inspired western Baby shower. Lots of boots, chest, cowboy hats and beautiful rope designs to keep the authenticity of a western feel decorated venue.

Sweet Breakfast at Tiffanys

Inspired by the Movie to the boxes of this lovely any girl would love Tiffanys.

The possibilities are endless, no need to horrify your soon to be Mommy friend with pinks and overwhelming sweet colors of pastel and baby hues. Allow your imagination to keep her feeling hip by getting inspirations from our list. Again do not limit yourself. This is your time to shine for your friend.

How To Improve Your Home’s Feng Shui

September 21, 2015 0 Comments

Remember when everyone was talking about Feng Shui back in the ‘90s? Well, it turns out they may have been onto something! Feng Shui is literally translated as ‘Wind-Water’. It’s the Chinese practice of arranging your home or work environment to improve your life. Contemporary Feng Shui is now understood as a set of ideas used to understand the mental or physical benefits of a particular space. It’s all about getting the right balance of five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These are represented by intertwining colours and textures.

Use The Correct Colours

Colours are believed to be linked to the psyche. For instance, too much ‘fire’ (i.e. reds, oranges and yellows) can lead to anger, yet not enough can leave a room unstimulating. Earth is represented by blues and greens – they seem to provide calmness and stability, probably because these colours are found in nature. Consider using different coloured crystals to help achieve a lively yet harmonious feel to a room. Have a look at websites like Feel Crystals to help you find the right ones for your chosen space.

Have A Suitable Entrance

The entrance of a home is important in the practice of Feng Shui. The entryway is where energy is absorbed by the home. Ideally, you shouldn’t see any clutter, a bathroom or bottom of a staircase when you walk through the front door. These may either cause positive chi to escape or block it from the home. Your entry should be clear with a focal point – a painting or a vase perhaps.


Physical objects can interrupt the energy flow in our lives. For instance, we may see a messy bundle of cords near our TV, upsetting our subconscious mind and therefore disrupting the sense of balance in the room. Simplify your belongings – throw out unused clothes from closets, store children’s toys in a chest, don’t allow all your table and bench space to be filled with countless appliances, and keep your bathroom vanity clear. Surround yourself with only the most important objects. The clutter in your mind will reduce and your ideas will flow more freely.

Connect With Nature

It’s believed that humans relate to the environment in a primal way, so it’s best to incorporate natural elements into your home. For example, hardwood floors are reminiscent of the forest floor. So the ground in your home should be either wooden or dark coloured like a forest path. Your ceiling should be bright like the sky. Monochromatic colour schemes are considered unnatural and could lead to stress. The ‘command position’ also links with our natural instincts, meaning our furniture should be placed in a way that represents our control over the room. For instance, a couch or desk should face the doorway so we can see our ‘enemies’ if they were to enter.

Feng Shui is very much about feeling a sense of balance and unity with what is natural. Arranging or designing our environment in a way that makes us feel comfortable is the only way we can achieve this. When doing this, take a moment, feel how your mood changes according to the placement of furniture or use of light and textures. Listen to your instincts.

Tips for Maximizing Your Storage Space in a Small Home

April 27, 2015 0 Comments

The days of the McMansion are long over, and many people are interested in downsizing their living space. However, there is a delicate balance to be struck between avoiding wasted space and ending up in a cramped home. If you’ve downsized and are running into storage problems, here are some tips for maximizing the space you have.

Look Up to Find Wasted Space

Ceiling space in your closets, pantry, kitchen, and closets is often wasted. Hanging racks and hooks can help expand the area you have to stow seasonal decorations, extra bedding, large kitchen items and other space-hogging belongings.

Consider Built-In Shelving

Building an enormous bookshelf into one wall or into a closet can take advantage of every available inch of space, unlike freestanding shelving. A built-in can work in the family room, in the dining room or in the kitchen. If done correctly, a built-in can also serve as an entertainment center. If you’re trying to cram furniture into a room, a huge built-in can clear clutter and give you maximum space.

Swap Out Your Fixtures

If you have a pedestal sink in the bathroom, a cabinet-style sink will give you more storage for cleaning supplies, towels and other necessities. Replacing a flat mirror with a medicine cabinet is also a good solution. Swapping out old cabinets for more generous ones can add a lot of space in the kitchen. You can browse a site like or your local home store for ideas.

Use the Space Under the Furniture

For pieces that sit low to the ground, such as couches and beds, rolling storage boxes are inexpensive and can be great for stowing things out of sight while still leaving them easily accessible. For side tables and buffets that sit higher, gorgeous wicker or canvas boxes can keep shoes, books and other items organized and within easy reach.

If you’ve downsized your home and are struggling to make use of the smaller space, these tips can help you get organized. Living in a small space can be a challenge, but using every available inch to your advantage will make your home seem far more spacious.

Smart Decors Using Wall Art and Photo Frames

March 4, 2015 0 Comments

Most homes of today include wall art and photo frames in any part of their house. It may suit decorations for the living room, bedrooms, kitchens or the hallway. When you speak of specific decorations, it will surely include memorable photos of the family. To highlight the overall beauty of the house, include some personal and artistic touch in your decorations.

Decorating with Wall Art

Wall art need not necessarily mean art paintings, but it can be as it is hang on the wall. When you choose this décor, ensure that the color of the wall is highlighted with this ornament. You may choose to have more of these by the wall. Just ensure to include right spacing to make it more attractive. You may even choose to include great pictures of loved ones to create an impression of peace and harmony within the household.

Using a Photo Frame as Décor

Picture frames come in many different styles and colors. There are those that are costly; and some can be cheap. Your choice really matters while decorating your home with a photo frame. Just ensure that the pictures included here are beautiful snapshots of your dear ones. Perhaps you may even choose to have a collage of every member of your family. You can use this to decorate the wall or perhaps on counters and tabletops.

Many people choose decors to create a reflection of who and what the owners of the house are. What are usually included here are precious moments of everyone. Pictures of newlyweds, the kids, parents, friends, and even grandchildren can make meaning to memories. It can also add glamour and style to the home.