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Things to Consider When Adding a Deck to Your Home

November 4, 2016 0 Comments

Adding a new deck to your home is a great way to create a space that is perfect for both relaxing and entertaining friends. While you might think that it’s as easy as hiring some contractors to install support posts or lay a foundation and build the deck on top, it actually requires a little more work than that. You need to consider both the overall layout or design of the deck as well as the decorative and support elements you want to use with that design.

Pick a Deck Design

Decks come in a range of both styles and sizes. If you have a larger home, you might consider a wraparound deck. This is a deck that starts on the front of your home and wraps around one side. You can even opt for one that wraps around the back or all four sides of your house. Others prefer standard and more traditional designs that include steps leading up to the front or a second set of steps leading down to the side of the house. You can even add a deck that has cut outs for trees and plants.

Think About a Railing

No matter what size or shape you settle on, make sure that your design includes some type of railing. The railing should wrap around all sides of the deck and serve as a safety feature to keep guests, kids and event pets from falling over the side. Metal deck spindles come in both contemporary designs and more traditional designs as well as in a wide range of finishes. Your contractors can install the spindles along the edges of the porch and use the same spindles to create handrails along the steps leading up to the deck.

Look at Permits

Before you hire contractors or builders and start construction on your deck, make sure that you contact the city regarding any permits you need. Depending on where you live, you may need to contact the county instead of the city. You usually need a permit when building a larger deck. The city or county can give you all the information you need to apply for and receive your permits. Some builders will actually do this for you. When adding a deck to your home, consider whether you need permits, the design you want and the best railing for that deck.

Fence Ideas for Your Home

May 13, 2016 0 Comments

Aside from giving your home the needed security and privacy from outsiders, fences also spruce up your property. You need not always stick to common white or red picket fences as there are a lot of choices out there, as well as design options to make things livelier. Here are several ideas you can go for.

Be Unique With Metals

Fences are not only made from wood. You can also get one in metal which is favorable for people who are concerned about security more than privacy. Perhaps the best part about this fence is there are numerous designs for the top. Some of them include the more common spear top, gothic, staggered, plus so much more.

Wooden Fences With Windows

Having tall wooden fences allows you to stay comfortable inside your property without the fear of your neighbors looking. However, it also prevents you from seeing things outside. A good solution to that is by adding windows to the fence. Not only does it provide you a view, it also makes for a good style.

Hanging Pots Can Spruce It Up

For those who want an earthy and charming appeal to their fence, hanging pots on it can help. By placing colorful pots with plants against the fence, you are creating a beautiful environment that is also nature friendly. Aside from that, it will make it cooler on summer.

From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Should you decide to go for the picket fence, make it stand out by adding decoration to it. The fence does not have to be boring white; you can paint it with rainbow colors. Or better yet, engrave it with the desired style to make it stand out from the neighbor’s fence. If that does not suit your fancy, you can try alternating the wooden fence and stone/brick pillars.

Do not be afraid to mix it up a little when it comes to your fences. As there are numerous designs out there, have fun choosing which suits your property best. Remember that it is not installed there for security alone but as an extra decoration for the house.

Home Design with Concrete Pathway

May 4, 2016 0 Comments

The front of the house says much about the occupants. If it is clean and beautiful, people think that the residents are also organized and appreciate elegance. The same can be said if it is unkempt and dilapidated. Adding a concrete pathway enhances your property, creating an inviting space from the outside alone. If grand entrances are your thing, here are some things to keep in mind.

Pattern Your Pathway

Concrete walkways come in a wide array of designs and patterns. You need not stick to traditional and dull looking gray tones. Opt for eye-catching styles that will help bring out the beauty of the front. The more conservative the entrance is, the better your patterned pathway will complement it.

Have A Stairway

Pathways look grander when it ends in stairways or steps just outside the front door. It is pleasing to the eyes and gives the appearance of a larger space. Select the proper texture and color to make it more appealing.

Place Planters or Fountains

Add charm to your boring pathway by placing huge circular fountains in the middle. If you think maintenance is going to be an issue due to the water replacement, use planters instead. It gives the same relaxing vibe while being easier to clean.

Go All Out With Columns

For complete visual experience, you can place concrete columns on the side. Whenever your guests walk on the pathway, they will feel as if they are stepping on a different place altogether, and not merely visiting a friends home.

Revive Your Old Concrete

Because replacing your old but still very usable concrete tends to be expensive, you should consider giving it a facelift instead. Do that by using stencils and paints that will give it a complete overhaul. It costs cheaper but makes the pathway look better.

Concrete walkways are often misinterpreted as dull or cold looking. With the proper style and technique, that should not be the case. Let the following tips guide you into creating a pathway that you can be proud to show off, whether it be to the guests, neighbors, or your own family.

Gutter Guards Will Keep Your Gutters Clean and Clear

February 3, 2016 0 Comments

Gutters are part of the house which you won’t encounter until you own a house. This narrow duct diverts rain from your house but it also needs cleaning. Maintenance is tricky because you might either cause more damage or simply do it the wrong way. However a lot of professionals can do the job for your without harming or damaging your gutters. Save money with gutter guards.

What are Gutter Guards?

They are not the solution to cleaning your gutters. They don’t even de-clog gutters. Gutter Guards are there to delay the time of cleaning out your gutters. They reduce the occurrence of cleaning out your gutters which if you are one for hiring professional cleaners will save a lot of money from it.

How frequent do you clean out your gutters with Gutter guards?

You may lower your cleaning time with your gutter guards to about less than two times. Not only do you save money on cleaning but you save money on repairs of the roofs as well, because with the proper guards your leakage possibilities will be next to nil.

DIY Gutter cleaning with gutter guards

Do it yourself gutter maintenance may also be possible now with gutter guards because you don’t have to worry about sticking your hands inside the gutters and scooping out those unwanted leaves. With gutter guards you might end up with just sweeping the lawn for fallen leaves or twigs. Well not to be pessimistic however, you still need to go up the ladder to check and use some gloves or small scooper to clean it.

Gutter Guards are more often than not recommended for senior Homeowners who are not recommended to climb ladders at their age. With reduced amount of checking for gutter clogging, well gutter guards practically pays for itself.

Sitting On Top Of The Roof

December 4, 2015 0 Comments

When you think about a deck, you might think about an area of the home outdoors that features a railing and chairs. It is often built on the side of the house and can easily be accessed by an inner door or by walking around the side of the home. One option is a roof deck system. This can add value while providing a unique look at the neighborhood as the deck sits on the top of the building. The system is an idea if you don’t have a lot of space in the yard to build a deck.

Many decks of this nature are constructed with materials that are water proof and that protect the home. Vinyl is a common material used. When you use wood, you often have to sand it and add paint or stain in order to maintain the appearance. If you use any kind of concrete, there could be cracks that develop that need to be repaired. This can end up costing a good bit of money. When you use vinyl on a roof deck, you will usually only need to wash it on a seasonal basis.

If you enjoy living in the city, a roof deck gives you a way to spend time outside as you would in a rural setting. You will be able to see the city in a way that others might not. It also gives you a chance to escape from some of the noises that you might experience in the home, such as traffic on streets. A wall can easily be built to surround the deck with an open area instead of a cover. This design gives a little protection from others viewing the building while allowing you to view the sky at night or the beauty of nature through the day.

As with a traditional deck, you can add furniture so that family and friends are comfortable. You can also add a grill so that you can enjoy a meal. Access to the deck can be made from an interior door or by steps that are installed on the side of the home.