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Gutter Guards Will Keep Your Gutters Clean and Clear

February 3, 2016 0 Comments

Gutters are part of the house which you won’t encounter until you own a house. This narrow duct diverts rain from your house but it also needs cleaning. Maintenance is tricky because you might either cause more damage or simply do it the wrong way. However a lot of professionals can do the job for your without harming or damaging your gutters. Save money with gutter guards.

What are Gutter Guards?

They are not the solution to cleaning your gutters. They don’t even de-clog gutters. Gutter Guards are there to delay the time of cleaning out your gutters. They reduce the occurrence of cleaning out your gutters which if you are one for hiring professional cleaners will save a lot of money from it.

How frequent do you clean out your gutters with Gutter guards?

You may lower your cleaning time with your gutter guards to about less than two times. Not only do you save money on cleaning but you save money on repairs of the roofs as well, because with the proper guards your leakage possibilities will be next to nil.

DIY Gutter cleaning with gutter guards

Do it yourself gutter maintenance may also be possible now with gutter guards because you don’t have to worry about sticking your hands inside the gutters and scooping out those unwanted leaves. With gutter guards you might end up with just sweeping the lawn for fallen leaves or twigs. Well not to be pessimistic however, you still need to go up the ladder to check and use some gloves or small scooper to clean it.

Gutter Guards are more often than not recommended for senior Homeowners who are not recommended to climb ladders at their age. With reduced amount of checking for gutter clogging, well gutter guards practically pays for itself.

Sitting On Top Of The Roof

December 4, 2015 0 Comments

When you think about a deck, you might think about an area of the home outdoors that features a railing and chairs. It is often built on the side of the house and can easily be accessed by an inner door or by walking around the side of the home. One option is a roof deck system. This can add value while providing a unique look at the neighborhood as the deck sits on the top of the building. The system is an idea if you don’t have a lot of space in the yard to build a deck.

Many decks of this nature are constructed with materials that are water proof and that protect the home. Vinyl is a common material used. When you use wood, you often have to sand it and add paint or stain in order to maintain the appearance. If you use any kind of concrete, there could be cracks that develop that need to be repaired. This can end up costing a good bit of money. When you use vinyl on a roof deck, you will usually only need to wash it on a seasonal basis.

If you enjoy living in the city, a roof deck gives you a way to spend time outside as you would in a rural setting. You will be able to see the city in a way that others might not. It also gives you a chance to escape from some of the noises that you might experience in the home, such as traffic on streets. A wall can easily be built to surround the deck with an open area instead of a cover. This design gives a little protection from others viewing the building while allowing you to view the sky at night or the beauty of nature through the day.

As with a traditional deck, you can add furniture so that family and friends are comfortable. You can also add a grill so that you can enjoy a meal. Access to the deck can be made from an interior door or by steps that are installed on the side of the home.

Some Essential Roofing Tips after a Storm

October 2, 2015 0 Comments

Storms can be destructive and one of the things that it can destroy is the roof of your house. Therefore, it is important to check your roof and every part of the house after a storm hits your area. You need to see whether or not you need some repairs or a replacement for your roof.

The Need for Repair

After a big storm and once you are sure that it is safe to go outside, check your roof for possible holes or damaged parts of the roof. Take note of the parts of the roof that have been destroyed. Temporarily cover the holes and then call an expert like Infinity Home Improvement immediately to provide permanent repairs. This is essential to safeguard your house for future rains or storms.

The Best Way of Fixing Damaged Roof

If the damage is too big for roof sealants, then you might need any water-proof material or a tarpaulin to cover the roof. Ask the help of your family or friends in laying out the canvas. Seal the sides of the material with nails and ropes. As soon as you’re done, hire the best contractor who will fix all the damages.

These are just some of the things that you can do after a storm has destroyed your roof. However, it is always best to apply preventive measures. It is a good idea to ensure that your roof can withstand the storm. Seal holes so that water will not leak inside the house and repair all weak areas of the roof.

Enhancing the Value of Your Home with Skylights

April 29, 2015 0 Comments

Having natural lighting inside the house is not only beautiful, but cost-effective too. That is why skylights from are always a good investment, whether you are keeping the house or thinking of selling it in the future at a higher price. Here are the top reasons how it can significantly increase the value of your property.

Skylights Can Improve Energy Efficiency

The more natural source of light you have, the less you are using light bulbs and artificial lighting. Like a domino effect, this causes a decrease in electric usage which in turn lowers your bills. It saves you money, simple as that. In several years, the skylight would have already paid for itself, making it a great investment for the home. Any potential buyer of your house will surely think of this.

Beautifies the Home

There is something surreal about seeing natural light pouring from the skylight. It is unique, calming, and gorgeous to behold. If you are looking to impress the future buyers or even the other occupants of the house, including yourself, adding a skylight is certainly the best way to do it.

Improves Mood and the Body

Vitamin D which you can get from sun exposure can improve mood, aids in calcium absorption for the maintenance of teeth and bones, and reduces tension in the body. In such regards, having a skylight which allows natural sunlight in can give you the aforementioned benefits.

Helps the Environment

In your own small way, you can help the environment by using a skylight on your house. Artificial light consumes energy, and since you will rarely use this with the presence of the skylight, you will lower the carbon footprint emitted. This may not seem much, but one small act can encourage others to follow. If you are planning to sell the house, it can attract the right customers.

Skylights have tremendous benefits for you and your home. It is beautiful, money-saving, and helps your body too. For installation, make sure to contact experts. They can give you an attractive quote and ensure that everything is functioning as it should.

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

April 5, 2015 0 Comments

When was the last time you checked your gutter? Is there clogging causing moisture on the basement? Do you find it sagging? Are there leaks on the roof? These can be signs to scout for people who can fix the roof for you. You need to do something quickly to prevent more damage on your house. Here are some tips to know when you need roof repair.

1. How to Notice Changes in the Roof

When you want to repair your roof, determine the roofing material you used and the location where you live. Your roof may be made from cedar, and will probably need repair or replacement. During dry climate, the roof splits and falls apart. On moist climate, the roof can turn mossy. If the roof is tiled, you will need to search for broken or cracked pieces. If a certain part of your roof has wooden shakes, termites and other pests may have damaged it. To ensure sturdy and safe installation, have an expert do the job.

2. Checking the Damage on the Roof

To determine when to repair, you will need to inspect the entire roof for possible damages. It may include holes or loose materials around the chimney. Portions of the roof may be moist or rotten which could have triggered dripping water. The gutters and downspouts may be detached or can have debris. All these are visible from the exterior of your house.

It may not necessarily mean major repair when parts of the roof are damaged. You can delegate the repair job to yourself. Just ensure you know how to fix the roof. If professional service is required, search for a roof contractor that specializes in this job for a reasonable price.