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Easy Ways To Preserve Wooden Furniture In The Living Room

February 25, 2017 0 Comments

Wooden Furniture is the most luxuriant furniture one can have in their homes. It may be in duco finish or it may show its original grains, wood is still beautiful. Pricey of course for its beautiful visceral experience, perfect for a grand living room, so to keep it fresh looking here are a few tips to maintain it.

  1. Always clean your furniture. Do not let dust accumulate, so make sure to have a daily ritual of keeping them off. You may also opt for a dust cover to which your furniture will be protected from dust and grime. Just make sure to take it out as much as you can because it sure beats the point of having wooden furniture.
  2. Do not place hot substance especially wet ones that may cause the wood to move or emboss. Wood is still live no matter how much kiln drying you do with it, it will warp if you moisten the surface.
  3. Exposure to sunlight may also cause some damage, so make sure that only ample direct sunlight will hit it. Curtain shades will help you control the exposure if ever your furniture has no other place but by the window under direct path of the sunlight.
  4. Wax it with the recommended oil or paste wax every six months to maintain the sheen.

Diligence will enable your wooden furniture to outlast generations. Giving a little love to those beautifully crafted pieces is possible as seen in most museums and most historical landmarks. You can do it in your home too, no matter which wood was used. It is the greatest heirloom one can pass on to their children and a really great investment.

Extending the Life of Your Patio Furniture

December 11, 2015 0 Comments

People who live in tropical climes get the benefit of living outdoors most of the time. However, the furniture you use for entertaining outside can take a beating from the sun, heat, and everyday use. Outdoor furniture may be a major expenditure for you, so make the most of it by learning how to extend its life in the elements. Here’s what you need to know so that you can enjoy your outdoor furnishings for many more years.

Start at the Beginning

If you haven’t bought patio furniture yet or you are planning to replace your current set, you can ensure a longer life in the elements if you choose the right furnishings from the get-go. Be on the lookout for sun damage-resistant or water-repellant fabrics covering the pillows and seat cushions. Metal furniture may last the longest, but it can be prone to rust. There are some hardy wicker-look materials available in furniture, or you may just want to go with plastic, which is easier to clean in the long run.

Frame Preparation

Regardless whether you have metal, wood, or wicker furniture, you will need to take the time to coat it with some sort of protectant. There are products available for all of these materials. If you’ve had the furniture for a while, make sure to clean it first to remove dirt and mold. If the set is new, you can skip the cleaning, but don’t skip the protectant. Look for coatings that resist water, mold, and rust. You might want to spray the fabrics with a sealer as well.

Spot Cleaning

After the furniture has been in use for a while, it is likely to incur some stains or dirt accumulation. In this case, use a mild cleaner to scrub the spot or large area gently. Spray the cleaned surface with water and either leave in the sun to dry or wipe it off with a dry towel. If you have a cleaning instruction sheet from the manufacturer, follow it closely for the best results and to avoid losing the warranty.


If there is a storm coming, cover your patio furniture if possible. It likely was not designed to withstand high winds or hail storms. Also, if you will be away from your house for a long period or you store your furniture between seasons, make sure to put it out of the sun or even inside if you can. You will get much more life out of your furnishings if you can keep them in the garage over the winter.


During the time of year that you use your patio furniture, keep an eye on its condition. If you see mold growing, clean it immediately. Rust on metal furniture also should be addressed right away. If you need to reapply the protectant product, do so at the beginning of the season.

By taking good care of your patio furnishings, you can help ensure you are able to enjoy them for years to come. Outdoor living is a pleasant way to spend the warm season, and with nice furnishings, you’ll be happy to invite guests over to enjoy it with you.

Setting Bathroom Furniture Perfectly

September 3, 2015 0 Comments

Bathroom furniture has a big purpose in bathroom decoration and design. The furniture not just improves the bathroom’s look but also offers important and suitable storage areas for you stuff. If you’re not sure about which furniture is perfect for your bathroom, the tips below can help you in making the right selections to finish your toilet.

Furniture Types

It’s really not hard to look for furniture type you want because there’s an extensive variety of inversely designed bathroom furniture. If you want to purchase elegant units with an additional storage, cabinets are the top choices obtainable in bathroom stores.

Expediency and Style

Littering is normal for a lot of shared bathrooms. It’s best to consider expediency over the style if you’re going through litter difficulties. In situations like this, you have to select furniture with a lot of storage space. In contrast, if you have small bathroom, you can purchase sophisticated units that make additional effect to the whole design of the bathroom.

Bathroom Suite Type

It’ll be much better to put in a piece of furniture if you choose one that matches the theme of your bathroom. Wooden furniture compliments with old-style bathroom styles. Smooth chrome and white sleek surfaces matches with contemporary bathroom styles.

You have to choose bathroom furniture wisely. In addition to ensuring that a particular styles matchers your bathroom, you must also remember the purpose of the furniture you choose.

How Living Room Furniture Can Benefit the Room

July 12, 2015 0 Comments

Most homes today are inclined to be airy and bright, and as you do not need to be precisely simple in your living room furniture choices, you wouldn’t want to lose all the space by placing so much furniture. It’s not very hard to do this, especially that there are a lot of choices you can find today. Below is some of the living room furniture you can have for your home:

Chairs, Sofas, and Sectionals

There’s a huge variety of seating options for the living room, no matter where you buy it. You could pick from wingchairs, loungers, settles, sliders, rockers, and adjustable seat. Then you got a big assortment of sectionals which you could place to match the theme of your room.


Living room is not only for people to sit on. You’ll also have several cabinets that you’ll use to put some of your displays, like collections of utensils, books, picture frames, and others.


Tables are very important part of the living room. Cocktail tables and coffee tables are usually positioned in front sofas while the end tables are placed beside the sofa. You can also put some of the displays over them to make your living room look better.

Planning for room space to avoid clutter is very important before you buy living room furniture. Knowing the actual measurements of your living room is important to avoid getting too small, or too big furniture. Always make sure that you have done proper research too before buying, there are always sale everywhere.

Beautify Your Garden With Garden Chairs

February 12, 2015 0 Comments

Many people love the opportunity to relax outside and enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of a carefully tended garden. With this in mind ensuring that your garden incorporates some suitable furniture in an attractive spot is absolutely essential. Garden chairs are a popular choice, as they are specifically designed for outdoor use and are made from materials which are resistant to moisture or temperature variations. Currently there are hundreds of different styles and colours available; why not have a look below at some modern favourites?

Rustic seating has enduring popularity

Whether you opt for a traditional wooden bench or prefer innovative wooden chairs or stools, natural materials and simple styling are the keys to making the rustic look work. Garden chairs are diverse outdoor equipment that can instantly improve the aesthetic qualities of any garden area. Why not consider some seasoned oak as the material for your seating, or chose hard-wearing bamboo? Metal chairs are attractive and versatile choices which add enormous appeal to a garden sitting area. Paint helps improve their longevity and provides lots of options for colour interest.

Plastic chairs always work well

Recent advances in manufacturing processes mean that plastic garden furniture can look as appealing and distinguished as real wood or metal options, which frequently require maintenance during the colder months. Incredibly durable and impervious to anything the British weather can offer, plastic chairs are a practical and attractive asset for any piece of open space. Add brightly coloured textiles for some engaging contrast, or consider purchasing waterproof cushions which don’t suffer if there’s a sudden shower.

Living Furniture and Upcycled Items

An intriguing trend option for garden chairs with a difference is to create them from living materials. Willow is a particularly popular choice, as its bendy branches can be gently shaped into a suitable structure to recline and relax on. Although creating and maintaining furniture made from living plants requires some effort, many enthusiasts find it a rewarding and interesting hobby. Other people opt for a contemporary, quirky look by making upcycled chairs from discarded items, constructing original pieces which can make exciting works of art as well as a useful seat!

With so many different choices available it’s possible to find garden furniture which is appropriate for any size or style of garden. Why not transform your outdoor space quickly and easily with some irresistible garden furniture products?