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How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Child’s Bedroom

March 4, 2017 0 Comments

Allergens are usually found on beddings. They are mostly caused by mold and dust. Fighting dust is everyone’s bane, but should not be everyone’s nightmare especially if you have kids. They are the most likely to suffer but allergies can still be controlled with the following steps.

1. Linens

A lot of linens that are anti allergens are available in the market. Manufacturers are already revolutionizing their products to fit any parents need to control such daily occurrence. Your child may not have asthma or such but keeping the dust away with these helpful fabrics will appease your mind and your child’s lungs.

2. Religious Vacuum and Cleaning

Most common prevention is of course Cleaning by vacuum or wiping off the dust. Easily avoid the dust to accumulate and eventually turn into molds. Many of the households do not have carpeting however rugs are often the replacement, so make sure to vacuum them to avoid mildew.

3. A little liquid solution to get the Mildew out

Mix 1TBSP of liquid soap with 2 Cups of Water. This liquid solution will assist you from take out any mildew that got away and grew in your child’s room. Do this about two times each spot and dry it out completely.

4. Dehumidifiers or in the olden times Open a Window

Natural Air is still the best prevention of molds and mildews. By simply airing out any room, mattress, linen, furniture, carpet or rug you will be able to stop anything from growing on anything. The sun is your best protector. If impossible Dehumidifiers comes in all kinds and has additional preventive solutions as well.

Keep stuffy nose clean and clear. Prevent and protect your kids from those invisible small and tiny enemies. Easily follow these steps and secure your child’s room for a fun and happy Children’s bedroom. Do not over fret, it happens to the best of us, as long as there are these steps, there is a way out.

Easy Ways To Preserve Wooden Furniture In The Living Room

February 25, 2017 0 Comments

Wooden Furniture is the most luxuriant furniture one can have in their homes. It may be in duco finish or it may show its original grains, wood is still beautiful. Pricey of course for its beautiful visceral experience, perfect for a grand living room, so to keep it fresh looking here are a few tips to maintain it.

  1. Always clean your furniture. Do not let dust accumulate, so make sure to have a daily ritual of keeping them off. You may also opt for a dust cover to which your furniture will be protected from dust and grime. Just make sure to take it out as much as you can because it sure beats the point of having wooden furniture.
  2. Do not place hot substance especially wet ones that may cause the wood to move or emboss. Wood is still live no matter how much kiln drying you do with it, it will warp if you moisten the surface.
  3. Exposure to sunlight may also cause some damage, so make sure that only ample direct sunlight will hit it. Curtain shades will help you control the exposure if ever your furniture has no other place but by the window under direct path of the sunlight.
  4. Wax it with the recommended oil or paste wax every six months to maintain the sheen.

Diligence will enable your wooden furniture to outlast generations. Giving a little love to those beautifully crafted pieces is possible as seen in most museums and most historical landmarks. You can do it in your home too, no matter which wood was used. It is the greatest heirloom one can pass on to their children and a really great investment.

Add Sunshine to Your Home with Summer Décor

February 16, 2016 0 Comments

Summer Love, Summer Sunshine, Summer breeze, fun Summer. These are but of a few words that comes with Summer. The Sunshine alone can bring a smile to your already wintered out face. It is very exciting to do a re-do of your decors to fit the Summer Stylings.

Go organic

Best time to go organic is during the summer. Beat the heat with natural products that reduces heat like cotton. With 250 thread count cotton sheets maximize the breeze and keep the sunshine smiling.

Time to repaint

Summertime is the best time to change your Color Palette. With lots of hot breeze to make that paint dry out in no time give your home a do over and repaint the way you want it. Choose colors to tickle your fancy since summer is anything but flirty.

Flowers all over

Bring in the summer flowers into your home. Unless you are allergic, easily decorate your homes with fresh flower accents that are half priced this season. Give your home that beautiful summer bloom and allow the wonderfully scented flowers overpower your senses. Tis but an exciting season and what best way to celebrate it but by gracing your homes with flowers.

Hang a lantern or two inside your House

Lanterns are lovely for Christmas however you can still buy a couple of summer lanterns like a bamboo lantern or wooden birdcage to place a couple of tea lights on it.

Do not miss out this season, with so many ways to celebrate the most inspiring of all times. This great season is abloom with colors and sounds and scents and allowing yourself to enjoy it even inside your house is very easy. Tickle your senses and bring in the new season.

Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms

January 12, 2016 0 Comments

The living room is a place where the family gathers to talk and catch up and spend time all together. It is also where guests are entertained. That is why it is pretty necessary to arrange everything accordingly to maximize floor space especially if you have a small living room.

Choosing the Right Sets

One of the important part of the room is the furniture inside it. the actual size of furniture is not the only thing that matters. In decorating and designing a small space there are instances wherein the visual weight of furniture like sofas, chairs and tables is also important. Piece of furniture that has light color hues gives the room a lighter look. And furniture with a visible leg is better compared to covered ones because it give an unobstructed view of the floor space.

Ideas, Tips and more

There are a hundred of different ways on how to beautify your living rooms. You can start with the bare essential which are the sofa set that fits perfectly with you and your family’s need, a coffee table and an area rug for more detailed look.

There is absolutely no rule saying that every furniture should match in every way possible. Sometimes having different colors and texture around inside a room is one great way to decorate your space. As for the light, always choose something that will give a flattering look to your space. You can either choose a pendent light or a couple of free standing lamp to add to the glow. Another thing is to make the room as cozy and friendly as you can. Add beautifully textured pillows and rugs here and there to add style and definition to the place. Rugs can also provide additional seat option if in case the room sofa set is already full.

Living room is a place to relax other than the bedroom. Keeping it nice and cozy is the first thing that you need to do. When what you see pleases you, you can be sure to spend countless of hours if possible just lounging in there.

Bathroom Renovation Changing Tips

January 1, 2016 0 Comments

Our bathroom is one of the best places inside our home and we love to make changes of it. We love putting decorations and furniture inside our bathroom but making some changes in the bathroom need to be perfect. We need to renovate the floor tiles, the faucets and everything around the bathroom. We see many types of tiles, kinds of showers, lovely faucets and sinks to choose in the market but we need to be wise in buying as well. Yes you can do it too if you want and here are some tips for renovating the bathroom.

Change the floor:

A lot of people may want to suggest in renovating to start with the floor. If we have an average space of bathroom, then it is not too expensive in buying the floor tiles. We can also varnish the floor boards if we want so it will look new and stand out. Just make around eight coats of varnish to save our wooden flooring from rotting.

Change the bath tub:

If you like to add something new in your bath tub then try the whirlpool bath tubs. Victorian style bath tub is traditional one and you may like it. The whirl pool bath tub is the best one and it works perfectly as it makes you relax while you are in it.

Lastly, your project may not be complete without the cabinets. Try the good sets of hanging cabinets if your bathroom is small so you can save space. Making changes with your bathroom is a lot of fun and not only that, your guests will appreciate it as well.