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How to Prevent Mold and Mildew in Your Child’s Bedroom

March 4, 2017 0 Comments

Allergens are usually found on beddings. They are mostly caused by mold and dust. Fighting dust is everyone’s bane, but should not be everyone’s nightmare especially if you have kids. They are the most likely to suffer but allergies can still be controlled with the following steps.

1. Linens

A lot of linens that are anti allergens are available in the market. Manufacturers are already revolutionizing their products to fit any parents need to control such daily occurrence. Your child may not have asthma or such but keeping the dust away with these helpful fabrics will appease your mind and your child’s lungs.

2. Religious Vacuum and Cleaning

Most common prevention is of course Cleaning by vacuum or wiping off the dust. Easily avoid the dust to accumulate and eventually turn into molds. Many of the households do not have carpeting however rugs are often the replacement, so make sure to vacuum them to avoid mildew.

3. A little liquid solution to get the Mildew out

Mix 1TBSP of liquid soap with 2 Cups of Water. This liquid solution will assist you from take out any mildew that got away and grew in your child’s room. Do this about two times each spot and dry it out completely.

4. Dehumidifiers or in the olden times Open a Window

Natural Air is still the best prevention of molds and mildews. By simply airing out any room, mattress, linen, furniture, carpet or rug you will be able to stop anything from growing on anything. The sun is your best protector. If impossible Dehumidifiers comes in all kinds and has additional preventive solutions as well.

Keep stuffy nose clean and clear. Prevent and protect your kids from those invisible small and tiny enemies. Easily follow these steps and secure your child’s room for a fun and happy Children’s bedroom. Do not over fret, it happens to the best of us, as long as there are these steps, there is a way out.

5 Items To Boost Your Bedroom Style

November 29, 2015 0 Comments

For many, styling a bedroom is often an afterthought. But as a relaxing sanctuary where we retire at the end of each day, our bedrooms deserve to serve more of a purpose than just being a place to sleep. Anyone can easily turn their bedroom from drab to fab with just a few changes – and a few carefully placed items. Here are 5 items to consider including as part of your next bedroom makeover.

1. Pile On More Pillows

A bed is always enhanced with a number of carefully placed pillows. In addition to high-quality sleeping pillows from suppliers such as MiniJumbuk, Euro-style cushions can add height, drawing the eye upwards towards the bed head. Also consider rectangular cushions and bolster cushions to add variety and interest. One of the best things about pillows and cushions is that they are an easy way to change up the décor of the room, with different colour schemes and patterns to suit the mood or season.

2. Switch Up The Soft Furnishings

As well as pillows, other soft furnishings such as throw rugs, curtains, quilts, blankets and even floor rugs help to make a bedroom that much more comfortable and inviting. Soft furnishings add balance and soften the hard lines of a room (such as door and window frames) while also helping to add texture and colour (and, of course, comfort!) to the space. They also dress up a space. Think of them like adding icing to the cake that is your bedroom!

3. Add Illumination With Lamps

Soft, flattering lighting can make the bedroom environment that much more intimate. So if you’re relying on just a ceiling light, it may be time to rethink your approach to inviting bedroom lighting. A stylish lamp on each bedside table will add symmetry to the room, framing each side of the bed. Lamps by the bedside are also more convenient for bedtime reading. And when it’s time for lights out, instead of having to get up, you can just flick a switch from where you are.

4. Accessorise With Artwork

Artwork adds visual interest to walls that are otherwise blank and boring. Especially in bedrooms where there is no bedhead, artwork above the bed is even more important for adding height to the space. Some general rules for adding artwork include making sure it is hung at eye level and choosing lighter coloured pieces in darker rooms and vice versa in lighter rooms to provide contrast. Also, make sure to choose the right size picture for the wall. Smaller pieces may be best left hung either side of a window, keeping the largest for the space above the bed.

5. Maximise The Area With Mirrors

Mirrors are not only practical in the bedroom for dressing purposes; a well-placed mirror can also add light and increase the sense of space. Always place mirrors where they reflect something worth looking at, and consider placing an elegant standing mirror to complete that unused corner of the bedroom. Hanging a mirror above a dresser also helps to complete the classic bedroom look.

These are just some common ways you can restyle your bedroom with just a few basic furnishings and décor items. What other ways have you given your bedroom a style overhaul? Share your tips and advice below!

Five Helpful Tips for Choosing a Bed for Your Home

November 23, 2015 0 Comments

There are many beds available that offer everything needed to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Here are five useful tips that can help you simplify your search for a suitable bed for your home:

Choose a Manufacturer

There are several well-known manufacturers who create high-quality beds. Some of these bed manufacturers include:

  • A-America, ACME and Baxton Studio.
  • Broyhill, Carolina Furniture Works and Coaster.

These manufacturers offer many designs and amenities that are fun to customize. As a result, it’s easy to find a bed manufacturer that offers beds that suit your family’s needs.

Choose a Design

There are many bed designs available that offer interesting interior design options. Some of the most popular bed designs include

  • Arch-style bed designs.
  • Bunk bed designs.
  • Cottage and futon-style bed designs.
  • Loft beds and daybeds.

Other popular bed designs include canopy bed designs and lounge beds that are suitable for guest rooms.

Choose Your Favorite Amenities

Most beds feature amenities that are designed to add value to your bedroom’s design. For example, some beds feature bookcases that add a wonderful sense of depth to your bedroom’s decor. Other beds offer storage units that are designed to store clothes, linens and other items. Moreover, there are youth beds that offer children many exciting shapes and colors.

Choose a Mattress

Most beds feature mattresses that are designed to provide the comfort needed to sleep well. These mattresses feature varying sizes, textures, colors and firmness levels that are easy to customize. They also feature interesting design choices that are designed to blend in with your bed’s design.

Choose a Finish

There are many finishes available that are designed to complement your bed’s exterior design. For example, there are several dark-colored and natural finishes that pair well with most neutral color schemes. There are also several finishes that mimic the nature color of woods that offer many interesting design possibilities. Choosing one of these finishes online is simple because most bed merchants such as offer detailed lists of their most popular finishes that are easy to compare.

As you may have noticed, choosing a bed for your home is simple if you remember to choose bed design elements that blend in well with your bedroom’s decor. As a result, be sure to use the suggestions mentioned here to choose design elements for your bed that blend in well with your bedroom’s decor.

Making a Cute Bedroom for your Infant

August 16, 2015 0 Comments

You are expecting your new baby anytime this month. You want to make a bedroom for his personal haven. Have this furnished according to your needs. You will want cute decorations installed to your infant’s bedroom.

Here are few ways to make his room beautiful, cozy and comfortable.

1. Painting the WallsWhether it is a girl or a boy, choose a paint color that will make a wise choice for the wall. You can opt for baby pink, lavender, deep purple, baby blue or yellow.

2. Get Contemporary Styled Furniture and Gadgets – Acquire furniture with similar colors to your wall. Your nursery furniture may include changing table, cribs or cradle, a mirror, few chairs, and other pieces of furniture that are helpful to your kid. You may also need a baby monitor to frequently check on his condition.

3. Fill the Room with DecorationsEmbellish the room with great decors to make it lively and interesting. Filling his corner set with stuffed animals will look cute in his room. Adding a collage of photos of your family and friends may be interesting. Hang it in the middle of the wall. You may also add colorful lighting fixtures.

4. Choose Bed Sheets, Pillowcases, Curtains and RugsWhile there may be pieces of fabric that will look great on your infant’s bedroom, choose plain-colored bed sheets and pillowcases using the same color scheme. Also add colorful or transparent curtains and rugs. With all the decorations around, it should make a difference.

This may be simple tips to welcome your newborn. It should help you provide love, care and comfort to your little one. And as the room can make good memories of him, it may also be wise to capture every single moment with your baby in this room.

How to Choose your Bedroom Furniture

October 6, 2014 0 Comments

If you want privacy, stay in your bedroom. But you need to ensure that things here are in its proper place. To make this possible, you will need the right furniture arranged inside the room. Perhaps you may need new items to highlight the ambiance of your bedroom.

Here are some tips to help you decide the best furniture for your bedroom.

1. Choosing Bedroom Furniture – When you choose this furniture, you must have inquired from various suppliers. Perhaps you may want to shop everything in one store. Ensure that the bed and mattress are at hand. You also need to check these at the best price. You also need wardrobe storage, dressers and other accessories to enhance the look of your bedroom.

2. Quality of the Furniture – You need to choose good materials for your bedroom furniture. Typically, these items are made from fiberglass, steel or wood. You should keep in mind that these should be made of high quality and durability. If you want your furniture to last long, choose materials that are apt for your needs.

3. Variety – It may be beautiful to have the furniture come from a similar material. But it may be wiser to create a contemporary bedroom. This of course will comprise furniture of different styles and colors. However, you need to ensure that these complement each other. Perhaps the color of the walls will help you on your choices.

Once you have purchased the furniture and styled your bedroom, it can be a haven where you want to spend most of your time. The right furniture also helps you to relax and sleep. All these will make you feel comfortable even in your lonely times.