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Dining Room

Secrets to a Great Dining Room

December 1, 2013 0 Comments

Technically a dining room is a space in your living abode where you dine. Eating also doubles as entertaining and so during the olden times the Dining Room is also called the Great Hall. Smaller dining areas were called the parlour. Dining rooms nowadays are smaller in comparison because living rooms and family rooms are utilized more.

Planning your Space

Space for your Dining Room area should be based on the amount of people you think will be using it. Questions like how often will you be entertaining should be included in the planning. Proper circulation should also be taken into consideration. Dining Room area is a busy room that requires just enough maneuvering space for serving, eating and for most households entertaining.


Because most Dining rooms doubles as the entertainment area, a lot of homeowners invests a lot to planning their furniture. Comfortable seating cushions are very important. Height of the table are standard and ergonomically thought out. Designs should also be assessed properly.

2 Types of Designs

Period designs – they are more formal and some designs take a lot of space. Popular ball and claw or cabriole leg carved furniture fall under this category. Despite the eclectic age of combining rustic with classic, period designs are distinct. China cabinets falls under her as well and can be tricky when designing around it, other people opt it out of their styling ideas.

Modern designs – these designs are little less formal yet still elegant. The more favored choice for the Dining room because unlike Living Room furniture, Dining Room furniture tend to be more expensive. Federal falls under modern designs.

Dining Rooms take a bit more effort and planning than any other rooms. Most rooms circumvent around the Dining room. Take cares choosing the right design for your Dining Room furniture. Space and Design may be tricky but once you have it pinned down, it will work for a long time.

Furniture Styles to Choose for Your Dining Room

October 1, 2013 0 Comments

The dining room is where you showcase your hospitality to people coming to your house. You always use the room to share meals with loved ones or friends. As you want to welcome and provide coziness to these people, perhaps you need to design the dining room by choosing the right furniture as required.

1. Opting for Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Dining room furniture comes with table and chairs. You may need to choose furniture made from wood, metal or glass. Ensure that these are of high quality and durability. The furniture has to be chosen depending on the number of people around. You must also determine how much space you need for the room. To enhance a modern and contemporary look, you may add classic counter tables, cabinets and other accessories. Choose colors that complement each other.

2. Preferring the Conventional Dining Room Furniture

Having conventional dining room furniture is rather sophisticated than choosing contemporary styles. You have a classy and elegant table design with chairs that match the style. Perhaps you find beautiful but old china sets elegantly placed on top of the table. The surrounding room may also be decorated with antiques and great looking accessories. It just feels like the rich and old times when you are seated in one of this furniture.

Whether you are opting for modern or conventional dining room furniture, this should provide a comfortable and relaxing feel especially when you savor delicious meals to serve. The fixtures may turn out cluttered after eating; but once cleaned, this should be a perfect place to share viewpoints and recollections with loved ones.