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Ideas to Use Candles as Garden Lights

March 13, 2016 0 Comments

Add enchantment and mystery to your beautiful garden by using candles. Instead of going the traditional route of installing electric lights, consider adorning the area with candles of different sizes and shapes. Not only can it enhance the ambiance, it also saves a lot of money if you are trying to lower the utility bills. Here are some ideas you can use.

Candle In A Jar

Add years to the life and function of your used jars by placing candles inside them. You can simply hang it on that huge tree on your garden or line them on the stoned pathway leading to the center of the area. The beauty of jars is they come in different colors. This means you can play with hues but still get the same astounding effect when placed all over the garden.

Potted Candles

Did you buy one too many pots when you were out shopping for your garden supplies? Do not fret because you can still use it by placing candles inside. The size of the candle is dependent on the pot so have fun finding a suitable one for each. After, place the lighted pots on a table or position them on the corner.

Let It Float

For floating candles, consider placing them on a bowl with water. This is ideal when you have parties in the garden and you want lighting for the table. You can also add flower petals on the bowl for charm. This idea is also suitable for small aquariums if you find yourself lacking a transparent bowl.

Tiki Torch Candles

Tiki parties in the garden call for torches all over the place. For this, you do not always have to use real torches. There are candles that can be bought in stores or online that are already placed on a torch-like handle. Let it stand on the side to guide your guests to the main party.

Compared to electric lighting, candles provide less illumination. However, the ambiance it gives is worth it and will make everyone who sees it enjoy their stay. Let the following ideas inspire you for your next garden remodel or design.

Improve Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way

April 24, 2015 0 Comments

Upgrading your living space can be a great way to freshen its look and feel. It can also be a path toward a more harmonious co-existence with Mother Nature. Eco-friendly home improvements can add to your home while saving you money and reducing environmental impact. Potential projects can range from quick-and-easy to longer-term undertakings, depending on just how ambitious you are feeling.

The Easy Stuff

Improving your home doesn’t have to be hard work—there are plenty of simple ways to start living more eco-friendly today.

  • Swap out old-style light bulbs with energy-efficient models and enjoy immediate savings on your utility bill.
  • Screw on a new low-flow showerhead to save water—this can be particularly helpful in drought-stricken areas.
  • Update or add weather stripping to drafty doors or windows to save on heating and cooling costs.
  • Remember your air filters, which usually require replacement about every three months. An old filter reduces efficiency and results in dirtier air in your home.
  • Switch to power strips for computers and other tech devices. These do a better job of regulating power use while electronics are not operating.

The Big Stuff

Are you ready to make a real impact? Depending on your time, budget, and inclination, there are numerous projects recommended to make your home more eco-friendly.

  • Solar panels require an investment upfront, but can afford you big savings in the long run. Discounts and tax breaks are sometimes available as well.
  • Beef up insulation in your walls to prevent heat loss in the winter, or heat absorption in the summer.
  • If it’s about time to re-roof your home, consider materials such as metal or white tiles which better deflect heat from the sun.
  • Install a new ceiling fan or two before warmer months. Reducing reliance on air conditioning is better for the environment, and better for your wallet.
  • Treat windows which receive more sunlight during the day. Tinting can not only cut the amount of heat absorption, but also protect your floors and furniture from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure.

The End Result

Any home improvement is usually a good idea—even more so if the project results in benefits to the planet. It may be wise to start small and graduate to more involved tasks as you gain confidence. In any case, many of these types of improvements will quickly begin to pay for themselves through savings on energy and heat bills. When combined with the environmental benefits, you may find yourself wondering why you didn’t start sooner.

How to Choose and Install Hallway Lighting

February 2, 2015 0 Comments

Depending on how you design your house, you may have a hallway that needs proper lighting. It is the entry to rooms in your house. To make things visible, you need lighting to properly guide your way. There is no better alternative than choosing the best lighting specifically for the hallway.

How Do You Choose Your Hallway Lighting

This type of lighting can come in many different designs. It can be chandeliers, pendant lamps or LED lights to light your path. How you are going to choose that depends on the design of your house. It can be the color of your walls, the existing furnishing, or perhaps a new look in your home. There should be a coordination of the designs so visitors can create a good impression of you.

The Practicality of the Lighting

What lighting you install in your house is part of the interior design. You may want to consider its practicality in relation to the design of your house. Where you install this should serve its purpose. The hallway towards your living room and dining room must reflect elegance and style. And as much as you want to flaunt your interiors, you definitely must choose great lightings.

How to Make Your Hallway Look Bigger with Lights

Ensure you know the overall cost of your lighting once you install it. It may need a bigger budget when you frequently turn on the lights. To make the hallway look bigger and brighter, perhaps you want to add mirrors to create an ambiance of a bigger space. The mirrors will help brighten your path, especially when the lights are on.

Your hallway needs good lighting to make things visible. You also need this to create an ambiance. Ensure you have installed appropriate lighting suited to your needs. It may need you to work with a little expense; but the outcome of all these efforts reflects your elegance and style.

What is Your Choice for a Dining Light Fixture

October 26, 2014 0 Comments

The dining room is where you entertain guests for a wholesome meal. With all the furnishings around, you need great dining light fixtures to enhance its ambiance. It should require you to scout beautiful lights for the dining room.

Having Chandeliers

A crystal chandelier should work best for the dining room. It can make the room more appealing as it hangs above the dining table.  Depending on the room size, you will need to choose the best design most fitted for the room. Choose an appropriate style that will make the room look bigger.

Pendant Lights

If you want to highlight the overall look of your dining room, choose pendant lights. It is very flexible as it can provide an extraordinary effect on your lighting system. The wattage is variable so you can choose colors that complement the walls. It can surely enhance the overall beauty of the room through its illumination.

Wall Sconces and Table Lamps

Perhaps you want to create a dramatic effect on your buffet table. When you entertain guests, you need to serve the food with adequate light.  If you have a bigger dining room, these decorative lights will create hospitability and warmth for the guests. It could also provide elegance and style, which truly depicts your personality.

If you want to conserve energy, you may use LED lights in the dining room. Your dining light fixtures will really have to depend on the choices you make. You may have to scout around town to search for the best lighting. If this is difficult, you may want to ask an expert opinion from an interior designer.

Choosing the Right Light Fixture for a Small Kitchen

August 16, 2014 0 Comments

Choosing the right lighting fixture for any kitchen is one of the most important things to consider in any ceiling plan. The Kitchen is the busiest part of the House, this is where feasts are made, where your daily intake of energy is prepared. It is important to give proper focus on the lighting required especially if you don’t have much space for it since it is small.

Plan out using the floor plan and ceiling plan of your contractor. By properly understanding the construction plan of your kitchen you will be able to design it the right way without worrying about mistakes. Make use of the plans, you might hit on an important wire that will leave your home in the dark for days because of improper planning.

Seek out Professional help and assistance. DIY is good however some electrical plans may not be your cup of tea and you might end up biting too much into something you cannot swallow. A bit of assistance can go a long way and might save you more money than you think you will waste.

Space saving tips are always good. Since this is a small kitchen use a big fluorescent light on the ceiling, white is preferred to make sure everything is as clear as daylight, it is food prep room after all. Under the cabinet lights are also space savers.

Keep away from track lights if your space is not big enough, they may seem like a great way to save space however if it doesn’t fit then don’t push it.

Always talk it out with a contractor. Improper electrical planning may harm your lighting fixture and end up with a dim and dreary light as supposed to the lighting fixture you bought in the store.