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Which Trade Is Right for You?

June 4, 2015 0 Comments

Becoming a skilled tradesperson comes with plenty of career potential. But learning a trade doesn’t just open up a number of job opportunities; being a skilled worker can also prove to be very lucrative. Every day, trade workers complete jobs in diverse settings and on important projects that make a difference to their communities. For those who are starting out in their careers, one of the biggest questions is deciding which trade to pursue. Below are some guidelines for prospective apprentices to select the trade most suited to their skills, interests and passions.

What Are You Good At?

The best jobs are those that you will enjoy doing and have a natural affinity for. This is classic career advice, yes, but it applies particularly well to trade careers. Think about previous jobs that you’ve enjoyed, whether in your school woodworking class or around the home. If you are skilled in the areas of maths and logic, carpentry and electrical trades are potential options you would enjoy. For those that enjoy working outdoors and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, more physical trades like landscaping or bricklaying could be the way to go. If you’re still unsure which path to choose, it can be worth taking a career aptitude test to get a clearer picture of your natural abilities and then matching different trades that closely align with your interests and skills.

Talk to People in Your Top Five Trades

After you’ve done the soul searching and the research, it’s time to shortlist your top five trades and start talking to people. People who work in the trade you are aspiring towards will be able to give realistic insights into the demands of the job and provide an accurate ‘day in the life of…’ snapshot into their work. Be sure to ask questions and spend a day on the jobsite wherever possible. Remember: the right job is a lifestyle, so don’t pick a trade based on the job title – it needs to be something that you’ll enjoy doing. At the end of the day, it only matters what you think of the work, not anyone else.

Understand Your Personality Type

Some personalities are more suited to working face to face with the general public, such as in service-based trades like locksmithing. People who are more introverted may prefer working behind the scenes in a manufacturing trade for a company such as WIA. The point is, your personality will help to determine where you’ll thrive and what positions may amplify any of your weaknesses or limitations. Speak to trusted friends and family and find out their opinions about what trade may be best suited to your personality. Also consider what you value and what motivates you. For example, if you value leadership and teamwork, working as part of a team and learning from others is something that should happen naturally in the trade you ultimately choose.

Have you learned a trade? How did you know it was the right choice for you? Leave a comment and share your experiences with others.

What First Impressions Is Your Home Making?

December 8, 2014 0 Comments

The way you decorate and landscape your home can be an expression of yourself. As you return home from a long day at work, what do you feel as you approach your home? Are you distracted by the dimming porch lights? When you walk through the front door, do your eyes settle on the imperfections in your paint rather than on the décor of your home? By fixing these, and similar, problems, you can improve the look and feel of your home.

Little Changes That Can Improve Your Home

There are plenty of small changes you can make that will have a big impact on the visual and actual comfort of your home. These include changing the hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets, opting for dimmer switches, and touching up the painting throughout your home. When it comes to brightening up a room, it is hard to beat a new coat of paint.

Welcome Friends and Family

By making lots of small cosmetic changes, you can have a big impact on the message that your home is sending. Too often, aging paint jobs and flickering lights are the first impressions that visitors receive when they enter homes. This does not have to be the case at your house. Use the helpful tips and information from the infographic to determine which changes you can make as well as how long and how difficult those projects will be.
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Do you want to have a paradise? Then build a patio

July 27, 2014 1 Comment

Americans have the habitude to spend most of their weekends together whether with family or with friends in patio preparing a dinner or barbecue. Patio is an outdoor space mostly used for dining or barbecue. It is also called courtyard or dooryard.

The patio is oftentimes seen as a stretching of our indoor living space. Whether it is made of brick, stone or concrete, this spot is usually the life of the party, especially when you add a roaster, fire pit or fireplace. With an outdoor kitchen and dining set, it can become your favorite eating area, while a massiveness of patio furniture and beautiful decor turns it into the perfect place ever made.

Your outdoor place reflects the overall style of your home so you have to make sure to combine your patio’s design and color with the interior design of your house. Everything in your house or out of it has to be perfect and well united.