Dota Auto Chess: Zeus and Mars skills revealed

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  Image credits: Drodo Studios

  Drodo Studios have added the two new heroes, Zeus and Mars to the Dota Auto Chess test server. Their skills and the power of the new species has been revealed on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter! Zeus is a 5 gold hero (God-Mage) while Mars is a 1 gold hero (God-Warrior). Without wasting a lot of time, let’s take a look under what categories the new heroes fall and what their skills do.

  Price: 5 gold

  Species: God

  Class: Mage

  Health: 950/1900/3800

  1 star attack power: 50-70; 2 star attack power 100-140; 3 star attack power 200-280

  Attack 1.4

  Armor: 0

  Magic Resistance: 40

  Skill: Thundergod’s Wrath

  Zeus strikes all enemy pieces with lightning, no matter where they may be, upon cast, every enemy piece will have 50% chance to get hit, each hit deals fixed magic damage and damage proportional to their current health – it is guaranteed to hit at least 1 target even if all units fail 50% chance.

  Skill damage: 300/400/500

  Damage percentage: 20/30/40

  Cooling time: 15/12/9

  Damage Type: Magic Damage

  The king of the Gods who survived the battle of the away game will not cause ordinary entrance damage to the enemy courier, but will be replaced by a lightning strike damage that causes the enemy courier to have a percentage of the remaining health.

  Casting time: 0.3S

  Percentage of damage to courier : 10/15/20

  Price: 1 gold

  Species: God

  Class: Warrior

  Health: 650/1300/2600

  Attack damage: 0

  Attack 1.4

  Armor: 5

  Magic Resistance: 0

  Skill: Bulwark

  Mars entered the battlefield in a defensive form and could not carry out ordinary attacks. Whenever a physical attack from the front or side, Mars uses his huge shield to block a certain percentage of damage. Every once in a while, Mars will raise his shield to smash enemies in front of him, causing physical damage. (Basically a combination of God’s Rebuke and Bulwark).

  Reduced physical damage on the front: 30/50/70 percent

  Frontal defense angle: 90

  Side physical damage reduction: 15/25/35 percent

  Side defense angle: 180

  Divine Discipline (Shield Strike) Interval: 5

  Divine Discipline (Shield Strike) Attack Radius: 200

  Divine Discipline (Shield Strike) Damage: 200/300/400

  The Gods on the top are considered to be the creators of the island. After giving Divine Power to the guardian dragon, the gods rarely personally involved in the mortal world until many islands encountered an unprecedented crisis from the twisted void.

  Buff: superiority. You need to have no other class/species synergy on the field to trigger this buff. (1) God: All friendly forces gain effect: the skill cooldown is halved. (2) God: All friendly forces get the effect: the skill cooldown is halved.

  The skill for the Gods race is a bit unclear. From what it appears, just having one God on the battlefield will do the trick of halving the cooldown of skill. Or, it could also mean that having a second God on the battlefiled further halves it and makes the cooldown 25%! We will have to wait and see how exactly the new mechanic works. This is a big buff to a lot of heroes like Kunkka and Doom. It will be interesting to see how the game changes when the two heroes make their way to the game, which won’t be too long!

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